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Nowadays, the usage of electric bicycle is more and more popular. And the problems of using electric bicycle also come up with. One of the most severe problems is that the life expectancy of electric bicycle battery is not as long as users’ expectation. In this article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan will give you how to make your battery stay longer.

  • “Exposure in the sun” is contributing to reducing the electric bicycle’s lifespan of the battery.

Another issue affecting the life of the batteries is that riders do not know how to use electric bicycles properly. This contributes to faster battery-damaging process. So what should be noted when using the electric bicycle with battery?


  • Pay attention to the  charging time

The length of the standard battery charging time is only from 6-8 hours.Whereas, the charging time of the Pin electric bicycle charger just lasts from 4-6 hours. However, many people are used to charging longer than normal if their charger is no longer good. This sometimes leads to the dangerous electric fire. If the rechargeable battery is expired, this makes rapid battery down, so you need to note this point.

  • Don’t make your bicycle become a truck.

Many people have the habit of carrying one or more people when using electric bicycle even though this habit is quite good. However, there is a fact that the more people are on the bicycle, the more vehicle weight increased. The bicycle needs to use a larger amount of power to have the ability to carry the extra weight. This makes the bicycle fast runs out of power than the standard.

To be good for your bicycle, you should remember one thing. That’s especially for the first time of using, you should let your bicycle run without loading anything within 8-10 hours after being fully-charged, This would be very good for the life of the battery.

  • Do not accelerate too sharply while running electronic bicycle.

Many people ride, especially the young ones, have a habit of “fly” faster with the increase of the terminal end of the ride electric bikes to run faster. However, this habit was the culprit. This makes the electric bicycle battery faster out of work. The reason is that when you strongly pull to the highest level of the battery, requiring more powerful resources to meet the needs of people running away. Therefore, this is to free up more battery power than normal. If this situation occurs in a long time, it will certainly affect the lifespan of the battery, which you soon to replace the new battery. The rechargeable battery makes the battery more quickly than was the bottle.


  • Pay attention to battery’s alarm before using the bicycle

Alarm clock batteries in the electric bicycle are not for decoration only. Its function is to signal the users about the remaining amount of time you can ride. Before going out, you should check that there is much enough amount of battery for an electric bike to run. And, if it hits the red line (running low on battery), you should charge it before going. The operation of electric bicycles as cars in low energy levels adversely impact the longevity of batteries, that’s not to mention that you have brought the car when the car ran out of battery. So, pay attention to the battery’s clock. They are necessary skills required when using a bicycle.

  • Not put your electric bicycle under the sun.

In high temperature, batteries will self-discharge the battery’s capacity. The ideal working temperature of the battery is between 20-25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should not run your bicycle outdoors when the temperature is too high. And you also should not expose the bicycle to the sun. It is so harmful to your electric bicycle. Remember this.

6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan – Conclusion

This is the article of 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. Hope that after referencing these tips, you can gain the knowledge. How to choose the best battery for your car and even how to protect it are mentioned in 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. From that, your battery can “live” longer.

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Thank for your concerning about this 6 tips to lengthen the electric bicycle battery’s lifespan. If you have any comment about this, leave it here.

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This may seem to come out of left field but, was doing some soul searching this morning while watching the morning news and at 67 I finally seen my prejudices for what they truly are. Am i prejudiced by a person’s color, their gender, their sexual preferences? I think not! I spent many years in the military and shared my water, food, laughs and tears with many men of other races. They fought beside me and some died beside me. I had essentially put my life in their hand and they put their life in mine; I wasn’t offended that a “black man” was protecting me nor did I feel less safe because of his color. All that I knew is that I had a “brother” that would give his life for me!

We as individuals in the military in our hearts do not care what color a man is that is protecting us only that he is and we believe in him and his love of his brothers to his left and right. Then we leave the military and society now says we must have a barrier between us because of our color. Why do we let something we fought against together separate us later. If you were my brother then, you’re my brother now. How could I have forgotten the devotion we had for each other because of social stigmas. Shame on me for forgetting my brothers and allowing myself to become swept up in prejudice and bowing to antiquated social norms. You men of color risked your lives for me and I will never again forget you and be eternally in your debt.

I apologize for those that never shared our bond, they can’t see the color of a man’s heart because of the color of his skin.

Don’t know why I wrote this. Just felt like I needed to separate myself from my conscious (FINALLY).


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Tableware sales during the 1994 Christmas season have increased into the double-digits and began during the Thanksgiving weekend. The top 1994 holiday product categories include Chanukah and Christmas dinnerware, glass serveware, crystal stems, vases and figurines. Al’s Pottery, China and Crystal, Mayfield Heights, OH, reported double-digit sales increases this season. Classic dinnerware patterns from Lenox, Spode and Nikko are the stores top sellers.


Retailers are more than optimistic about Christmas 1994 sales of tableware; they say increases are running into the double digits and started with the Thanksgiving weekend.


Top product categories for the 1994 holiday season include Christmas and Chanukah dinnerware; chargers; figurines; glass serveware and crystal stems and vases.


Ellen Lippmann, president of Al’s Pottery, China & Crystal in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, said her store is experiencing double-digit increases this season. “We always go into the holiday season with optimism,” she said. “The store is stocked in such a way that the amount of merchandise we carry is over-whelming–everything from breadmakers to a beautiful casserole to a full dinnerware set. We want to convey the feeling that a customer can find everything.”


Christmas dinnerware and collectible items are doing very well at Al’s, Lippmann said, and classic patterns from Lenox, Spode and Nikko are strong performers. The company has also brought in Chanukah dinnerware for the first time, namely the Dreidel and Latka pattern from Rosanna Imports. The line, “very contemporary and fun, has performed well for us,” as have Christmas collectibles from Department 56 and Lenox’s nativity scene and seasonal collectibles.


In the china department at Neiman Marcus, sales figures for the fist week following Thanksgiving have also doubled from last year, said David Spaldings, china buyer for the Dallas, Texas-based retailer. “We’ve had a fabulous first week of sales. People are spending money again.”


Spaldings said charger plates are solid sellers, particularly Rosenthal’s Versace patterns, which the retailer “can’t keep enough of in stock.” Bernardaud is also a top vendor for Neiman Marcus, with its Metroples pattern coming in first place. “It’s a high-end pattern that reaches a lot of classifications,” Spaldings added. The department also does a lot of business with the high end of Royal Copenhagen’s line as well as Herend figurines, from $45 on up.


In Neiman Marcus’ crystal department, David Altman, crystal buyer for the retailer, is “guardedly optimistic for the holidays.” Certain aspects of Neiman Marcus’ crystal business have been strong this quarter, he added. The retailer’s “Waterford and Orrefors business is good. Lalique has been exceptional, and our Daum business is fabulous. The three new animals from Baccarat and Baccarat’s Oceana pattern are also performing very well.”


New “saleable” products from the previously mentioned vendors are driving Neiman Marcus’ crystal business and will continue to do so into the new year. “There’s always a big business done at the high end,” said Altman. “Our customers respond to that.”


The vase category overall has been “hot” for Neiman Marcus, Altman continued, with “key price points driving the category.”


Upstairs tabletop departments aren’t alone in reporting active sales.


“There’s been a lot of good growth in housewares for the holiday season,” said an East Coast-based housewares buyer. “Ceramic mugs and the entire glass category as whole has had phenomenal growth, particularly Irish coffee mugs.” Ceramics, a category which has been underdeveloped for this retailer in the past, will be its strongest growth category beyond the fourth quarter, he added.


Glassware is being reported by housewares buyers as the strongest category for the holiday season.


“There’s so much more happening with glass stemware, barware and serveware, and the lighting category in particular,” this quarter, said Bob Kellner, divisional merchandise manager for Burdines, Miami, Fla. “I see lighting doing particularly well for Christmas.” Kellner anticipates that lighting will be a growth category for 1995 and has added to the mix.


In-store events and promotions during the holiday season are helping to bring in sales.


Al’s Pottery, China & Crystal is running a holiday promotion on Royal Doulton stemware. The Wesley pattern, which is retailing at $19 per stem, “is doing extremely well for the holidays,” said Lippman.
Herend Imports shows at Neiman Marcus’ Atlanta and Northpark, Ill. china departments this season have brought in $100,000 in sales each. In addition, the crystal department is promoting Waterford’s Classic line by designer Jim O’Leary at nine locations.

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A drill press is manufactured originally for metalworking trades. Today, the drill presses are the most resourceful tools you can keep in your home shop. They will give you the benefits of jigs, cutting of tools and will come with attachments that will allow you to turn your machine into a dynamo. Putting money in high-end quality machines does not render you to perform only drilling purpose for metal but it also helps you to carry out woodworking tasks like mortising and sanding. I will like to announce that it has been stated that a drill press is the second most excellent tool you can have in your home shop.

  • How to Choose

With so many guides rolling around on the internet, it gets difficult to decide upon one that will fulfill your craving of handling professional tasks. So, to make matters better, I have opted for a helpful guide that will assist you on what to search for in a drill press and the results will take you to your own masterpiece. You need to have plenty of pros, cons, key points and facts before buying a drill press. One thing, I will really like to stress about is keep your budget a little reasonable because spending more money really takes you to a good device.

  • Sturdily Constructed

Make sure your drill press is solidly built or otherwise you won’t be able to work properly the rest of your life. A sturdily made machine allows you to perform wok precisely and does not move around destructing the project. This feature is one of the most vital characteristics of a drill press.

  • Ribbing

It is necessary to lookout for a ribbed table and base for your drill press to function strongly, this signifies the strength of a drill press. Also, a slotted or slanted base with the ledges at the side lets you work easily with the assurance of convenience and safety.

  • Flat Table

It is best to work on a table that is flat on the surface and does not contain any uneven sides that may hinder your work. Flat surfaces have the advantage of enabling large work-pieces. This way, you’ll be able to work with accuracy and can easily adjust the dimensions of the table according to your drilling situations.

  • Need This

A cast iron head is something you must find in a drill press because it assists you to work with superb support and enables strong hold for all the parts of the drill press machine. We can definitely say that this sentence goes for quill, motor and pinion shaft.

  • Key Chuck

A drill press should definitely include a chuck that is tightened by a wrench, a key or by hand. Your chuck should have a 1/2inch space to house numerous sized accessories and bits. Some taper-mounted chucks are found in drills and this is a brilliant choice to go for because then, your chuck never runs-out. Also, some other chucks are opened by a key and it should be kept in mind not to leave the key in by mistake.

  • Adjustment for Depth

If your job requires drilling the same sized holes, this feature enables just that. It eradicates the guesswork and lets you create as many holes as possible of similar depth.

  • Modifiable Motor Bracket Support

If your motor bracket support isn’t adjustable, you won’t be able to support motor. Better to buy drill press with this feature and make sure the support is built sturdily and has a movable option for proper belt tension.

  • Several Speeds

A drill press with numerous speed options is best for drilling wood, plastic, ceramics, glass and metal. Also, you can come upon a triple pulley prearrangement to select dissimilar speeds varying from 250 rpm to 3,000 rpm.

  • Replacement Parts and Services

It is good to buy a drill press with which replacement parts and services are available, plus a good customer support too.

  • Fixtures

A manufacture that has a wide range of accessories for your drill press is the best, so that you can choose the best accessories for your drill press. This way, you won’t have to buy irregular parts, for your manufacturer will help you with the possible parts.